Run Faster discusses Brad's philsophy and approach for becoming a better runner from the 5k to the marathon. Hudson is the most innovative running coach to come along in a generation. Learn to  to assess your abilities and to devise a training program specifically geared to you. Filled with easy-to-follow sample training programs for distances ranging from the 5K to the marathon and abilities ranging from novice to advanced, Run Faster is the cutting-edge guide for optimal performance.

Every wonder what elite athletes actually do? Well now you can look behind-the-scenes to see real workouts from that Brad has actually used on his elite athletes.

Coach Hudson's Little Black Book contains basically every workout used by Brad throughout his years as a coach. Workouts are organized by event, with information on the how & why of each workout. It's small size and room for notes makes it perfect for any coach or self-coached athlete trying to hone their craft.

Online Coaching

Want to be trained by the best, but not yet able to move to Boulder? Well now you can! With Hudson Community, you'll be partnered with one of Brad's athletes from his Hudson Elite training group. So you not only get Hudson coaching, but also get a personal connection with Brad's team out in Boulder, CO! For more information, go to