Jason Hartmann
2xBoston Marathon 4th-Placer

Adriana Nelson
US Half Marathon National Champ

I remember a time when I had first moved to Boulder to start working with Brad. I was coming off three stress fractures in my foot and wasn't in the greatest shape. Brad suggested doing a 4 mile tempo on the track for my first workout at altitude. If i remember correctly, he wanted me to run 5:10's/ per mile. Dathan kept telling me what he ran for a workout and I was somewhat confident in where I was at. I was thinking this is going to be an easy workout and could run 5 min pace all day. I start the workout and the first mile, I was about 5:05. Things were going good and I felt under control. The second mile was 5:10 flat. At about 2.5 miles things really started to go south. The third mile was about 5:25 and the 4th mile was 5:35. I had pushed myself so hard and did horrible. I can remember finishing and feeling completely down about the workout and wondering why did I move all this way to run like that. Brad was super positive after that workout. It was something that always stuck with me about Brad. Regardless of where I was at in my career or whether I was working with him or under someone else or if I as training myself, Brad's belief in my ability as a distance runner was there--his support was unwavering--Brad is as much a true friend as he is a coach and confidante. He would get into heated verbal discussions with USATF coaches about me being a marathoner and they'd argue that I was too big and too tall to be a great marathoner and he'd fight with them haha, always backing me! Brad just always fought hard for me and gave me confidences in my ability as a marathoner. I think he does that for his athletes now.

Brad Hudson is a great coach, mentor, and wonderful friend. He is one of those unique coaches who would leave everything behind to make sure his athletes have everything they need to perform at their very best. Rainy, sunny, snowing, or freezing, it's never a problem. I am the type of runner who would prefer to run in feet of snow rather than being stuck on the treadmill, and guess who would rock the music next to me to keep me company?!
He made me believe that I can overcome any obstacle. I used to cry like a baby when he was telling me "today we have a hill climb" - I promise that was not just any kind of hill climb! Being a very competitive person, I would pretty much race the hill...you just continuously feel your heart in your throat...but by the end of the season I was climbing the whole hill in a smile. This type of training made me tough and kept me healthy.
I want to personally thank coach Brad Hudson for believing in my capabilities as an athlete and pushing my limits in training. Together we achieved the USA Half Marathon National Championship and top-three American at the major marathons. I'm very grateful for all of these memories. Believing in yourself and your coach is the key to your success! #DigDeeper.